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Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate



Blue Lace Agate belongs to the Agate family of stones, and is one of the most gentle stones. Blue Lace Agate is also said to be one of the most powerful peaceful blue stones. Blue Lace Agate adds calmness and enhances tactfulness, great for presentation days, or for managing confrontations.

Name Blue Lace Agate
Type Agate
Chemical Formula  SiO2 silicon dioxide



Career: 4/5
Health: 2.5/5
Love: 3/5
Wealth: 2.5/5
Wisdom: 3.5/5



  • Calming
  • Communication
  • Public speaking
  • Tactfulness
  • Others: Fengshui



  • Professors, teachers or lecturers, when conducting classes or workshops
  • Public speakers, whether at industry briefings or forums
  • Sales line, whether sales of services or sales of products
  • Anyone who works in a high paced, high strung industry and is required to communicate or liaise with others




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