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Rose Quartz 18k Rose Gold-plated Earstuds


Are you having a headache looking for that perfect, subtle earrings for the First Date? Or the First Day at a new company, or simply to look polished yet not overly drama?

Rose Quartz requires no introduction! Rose Quartz is popular for its pretty luminous pink colour, which is sometimes see-through. Rose Quartz is very soothing and enhances serenity. In personal relationships, this is frequently used to encourage bonding, especially for budding love, or those who are looking for Mr. Right; at the workplace, Rose Quartz is worn to reduce conflicts.

Career: 4/5
Health: 3/5
Love: 5/5
Wealth: 2.5/5
Wisdom: 2.5/5


  • Rock: 7mm in diameter


  • Rock: Rose Quartz
  • Colour: Ranges from Pink to Blush Pink to Pink Tint
  • Earstud: 925 Sterling Silver, 18k Rose Gold plating

No two rocks are exactly the same. Please note that every rock is a product of nature, and may appear different in terms of colour, clarity, or natural weatherings, as such the item you receive will not look entirely the same - so cherish them, as the rocks are uniquely yours. 

Dust, pollution, daily wear and a general lack of care may threaten to reduce the brilliance and shine of gemstones. The surface of gold and silver jewelry can become dulled over time. Timeworn prongs and clasps, or loosened settings, can result in the loss of a stone.

We therefore would like to encourage taking care of your Shop ROCKUP jewelry, with guidelines below.

In general, please take care to:

  • Avoid having the jewelry come into contact with water, soap, perfume/cologne and chemicals. Prolonged contact with these will cause the surface of gemstone, or the setting of your gemstone, to be worn off quickly.
  • Store your jewelry in the air-tight ziploc bag and in the soft velvet pouch provided.
  • Clean or wipe your jewelry every fortnight to maintain the shine.

For more detailed Product Care information, please see Product Care page.

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